September 2018

PAABA celebrated the SOFA Registration Desk with Flowers

Rodger is always sooooo color-coordinated

Dunaways was fun ... PAABA reserved the whole deck!


WRABA and PAABA celebrate Friday night


Opening Ceremonies


Many rows of tailgating and trading

Atticus McFadden-Keesling creating animal forms

Did I say 'Tailgating Heaven'?


Allan Kress ... Standing room ALL WEEKEND!

Gary Ward, with sculpture he created, in the gallery


PAABA Central


Lisa Geersten from Seattle ...


... and her project in the making.


PAABA Members Mirth, Hutchison, Pickens, Steel, and Selvaggio -

Close out the Conference until next year.  Don't miss it!

Photo credits:  Chris Holt

See you at an upcoming meeting!


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