by Jeff Young

I donít have enclosed shop space, so I have to move most of my tools from the house to the back yard each time that I want to use the forge. I usually make several trips in and out to retrieve what I need and then go back again because I forgot something else. The whole process is great if you need to walk for exercise, but not so good if you are trying to get some work done.

I started with a small tool tote but quickly found that it would not hold everything that I needed. What was needed was a cart of some kind. It had to hold hammers, tongs, small tools, and roll easily over the rough ground between the house and the forge area. What I came up with is shown in the photo at left. The dolly is one of those inexpensive convertible ones. I found it at a yard sale. The wheels are Micarta ( rubber wheels would work better). All of the tool holders/racks are simply bolted on. The tool tote has been removed (it is basically a wood box to hold small tools).

This set up when assembled is stable to move and will stand up on un-even ground. The radio and cup holder are recent additions. They make work just a little bit more civilized.


Right: detail of hammer rack and attachment
Left: Detail of Tong Rack and attachment

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