Quaker Cemetery

August 2023

18 PAABA members lent a hand on a sunny Saturday to rehabilitate the fence surrounding this historic landmark.  They were: Terry Viviani, Duke Mincin, Laurie & Ken Lint, Ray Kipp, Henry Sibenaller, John Steel, Randy Palluch, Tom Rohosky, Wayne Kelley, Tim Savino, Jim Garwood, Eric & Jasper Way, Steve & Joy Kontaxes (with grandson!), and Chris Holt. 

These are their stories!


A Spectacular Setting for a Work Day Out! 


One picket, two pickets, three pickets, four ...


... and it just keeps going!


Some prefer to work anonymously...


This is the 'Before' ...


How many Blacksmiths does it take ...


... to put the corner post in place?


Nice accomodations for those waiting for lunch...

... and lunch did appear!


Ray Kipp: 'Is there a manicurist in the house?'


Packing up at the end of the day,  Impressive!


A job well done ... but we're NOT done!  More to come!

Photo Credits:  Chris Holt

See you soon at an upcoming event!


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