Fort Allen Open House

May 2024

Rob Hagins, Henry Sibenaller, Don Wilson & John Steel

Tom Rohosky ... smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Many attended and demonstrated at Fort Allen - Curt Bonetti made the extra effort!

Jim Garwood and Dave Vincenty, Jr.


Rob Hagins, Ray Kipp, John Steel and Ray Kipp's granddaughter

The Farmall Train, for the youngins!


The Hercules Drag Saw!

The old way: 3 men will cut through a 24" log in about 10 minutes.

The Hercules way: One man will cut through a 24" log in two minutes!

John Steel and new member Will Midgely join Henry Sibenaller at lunch


The Official Tractor Parade!


Duke Mincin and new member Thomas Jura work together!


See you soon at an upcoming event!

Photo Credits - Chris Holt

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