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PAABA Members Fill Their Time

With Interesting Projects!


Garden Gate by Barry Hixson of Crow Hill Forge!




Window Grates by Bob Elliott


Frank Mirth's 'Clean Up The Wood Workshop' Before and After...


Bob Pickens' Model T

"Do You Feel This Car is Safe for Highway Travel?"



Todd Prince's 'Welding Table'

Bill Robertson's Chandelier


Todd Prince did a nice job on this Fire Pit


Bill Robertson recently completed this Pot Rack for a client.


Todd Prince says: "My project?  Ride my bike over 2,000 miles in 2020"


It took 18 years, but they finally finished the railing at Chris Holt's house...

Design by Chris Holt.  Fabrication by John Steel
Detail - Railing Top
Detail - Railing Bottom


Branden Robertson offers these fine project examples...

Fire Pit Lid with hand-forged
organic handles
A Unique Twist
5/8" and 3/8" Twisting Wrench
Hot-cut chisel and Cold chisel
Spring Swage for Patterning  


Randy Barker made 6 fire pots (13"x11"x4" deep as one of his recent projects.

All ready for final welding completion. Great way to keep the home fires burning!



Bill Robertson and Trish Morris ... Living Large on the Bridgeville Riviera.

Everyone seems to be putting in pools!!!


Walt, David and Tom Frank of Waltco create fine work.  Check out this cutting edge project that is sure to work!

This “Home and Away” working table is designed and fabricated by Randy Palluch.  It has two (2) tops, one treated ¾ plywood and one 3/16” steel plate. The 6 “ wheels have aluminum hubs and nylon tires.  Folds up flat, easy transporting to work site, can hold 500# or more!  Just Perfect! For information on how to build your own, call or text Randy @ 412-200-0952



New Member Randy Barker made this table for a client  


Bob Pickens is working on this 1921 Ford Runabout.  Updates Below!!!



Walt Frank completed another COVID project for a friend. He matched an existing outdoor railing.

It was galvanized and powder coated. A beautiful white railing with little maintenance needed!


Trish Mirth added a garden potting table she made from pallets

Trish has been busy in her garden
with creative projects.




This side blast forge has been waiting to be built by Glenn Horr. After 35 plus years of use, the old one has been retired. 

For More Information, Email Glenn

Glenn’s side blast forge has the advantage of not getting plugged by clinker because the tuyere is right in the fire and is water cooled. Needless to say, the draw is great and will last quite a while with his expert engineering!


This bellows was built by Benn Rendos, Dennis Murray (Murph), and Jeff Boling with help from Rick Sanguigni and Eddie Mack. This project was created to fit an existing carriage frame. The book by Robert Heath on the subject of building bellows provided the guidance. Dennis Murray and Benn Rendos are seen in this photo of the well crafted forge.




Walt Frank sends this in:  "One of my downtime projects, partially completed. I fabricated a more modern rail for my daughter and her family over the break. Still have to replace the wall rail and build the gate from stainless. More to come as I finish them!"


John and Kathy Klingler's Pandemic Project is to build a timber frame woodshed on their 4 acres, to go with their log home. Update!  Check out the finished job!!!

All timbers were sawn at their neighbor's sawmill, using locally harvested oak and hickory.

Here's Kathy chiseling tenon joints.

Below are shots of John making final framing adjustments, and a 'Rain Delay'.

They are totally enjoying working on this project, and learning new skills!


Frank Mirth made this Maple and Purple Heart work bench with a sliding Deadman ...
and a Veritas chain drive end vise...
and a flush-mounted Emmert Pattern Vise.

Bob Elliott's Grill

Bob's Grill - Detail


John Steel - 35 feet of railing

John Steel Railing - Detail


John Steel Railing - Detail of Bolts


Dave Simmons - 160 feet of Wall

Dave Simmons' Planter


Dave Simmons' Bathroom

Dave's Bathroom Sink Area


Glenn Horr's Coat Hooks

Glenn Horr made this tool for his regulators


New Member Anthony Cisco made these 'S' Hooks

Anthony's Heart

Anthony Cisco made these Bottle Openers ... designed for Corona's.


Soup Ladle and Spatula ... by Jody Best


Mike Ciuca made this Tong Rack

Mike's Swage Block Holder

Mike Ciuca's 'Iris Plaque'


Ed Appleby's Knife

Knife Handle Detail


Bob Pickens' built this 80# Treadle Hammer

Treadle Hammer Detail





Photo Credits:  The Individual Artists & Chris Holt

See you soon at an upcoming event!


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