by Tim Woods 

Materials: 1/4 X 1/2 X 25 flat mild steel
1/4 X 1/2 X15 flat mild steel 
rivets for hook attachments

This is a three hook basket hanger. It is an easy project to make that goes well with the home and garden. Begin with a 25 inch piece of X inch flat mild steel bar. Flat stock should be used to make the twists come out correctly.


Heat one end of the bar and forge it into a taper. Form a rat tail scroll at the end of the taper. Fashion the scrolled end into a hook. Put it aside and let it cool. (Photo A)


Take another bar of 1/4 x 1/2 X 15 and make a hook on either end. (Photo B)


Return to work on the first bar and heat the opposing end and forge it into a taper.  make a 4 inch right angle bend at the end of the bar. Heat the 4 inch section and forge it into a loop. Scrolling tongs make this procedure very quick and easy but the loop can also be hammered into shape over the horn of the anvil. (Fig A). Next, heat the area just above the bottom hook and make a twist. Heat another section about 6 inches below the top loop and make a second twist. (Photo C)


Cut the hooks off the other bar, making sure each hook is 6 inches long. (Photo D). 



Drill a hole near the top of both hooks. Drill matching holes just under the loop and under the center twist on the long bar. (Photo E). 


Let the pieces cool. Clean everything with a wire brush and oil or paint. Finally, cold rivet the hooks. (Photo F).

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