by Dennis Gilkey

After the Allegheny Ludlum Tour, which was a great experience, I attended a Ferrier's clinic by the president of the American Farriers Association on shoeing Draft horses.  This was an excellent demonstration and event.  President Craig Trinka talked about a pair of dividers which he called the “Golden Rule”.  It was also referred to as the “Rule of Balance” or “Pleasing to the Eye”. 

Sunday morning I went to my shop and made a pair, which did not take long.  You just needed a few basics and put it together.  You need 2 – ˝ X1/4 flat bar 12” long.  Forge both ends to a point (grind or file as needed) to a total length of 13 1/8” measure from one end to 5” on both pieces, drill 3/16” diameter hole in the wider dimension, rivet together so that they will move snugly.  I have been playing with this tool to see what it can do. It can show you balance. 

For instance, using the small end, measure from the end of your finger to the first joint, the large end of the dividers will be the distance from the first joint to the second joint and so on, all the way to the elbow. 

Example 2 – Measure an electrical outlet cover plate.  The small end dimension and the large end dimension will be long dimension.  A credit card will be the same way.  I’ve been measuring everything in the shop that is “pleasing to the eye” (art) and the tool proves itself.  Find a classic picture of a female figure, small end to her waist and long end will be her hips.  That’s as pleasing to the eye as it gets.  Make one and play with it, you will be amazed at what this tool will show you.  I haven’t figured out scrolls yet, so if anyone else knows about this tool, I would be interested in hearing from you.

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