by Larry Albrecht


One afternoon I was browsing around Home Depot’s concrete and cement department and I came across anchor bolts. They were 7/16” X 12”, had a thread on one end with a nut and washer. I forged this into a hanger for clay pots that have a hole in the center of bottom. I screw the nut all the way on because I hold the threaded end. When finished forging, just back the nut off and the threads will be chased. Straighten the curved section end and square it off. I forge the whole length to the nut. Now there is 14” of square stock to draw out and taper to 26”. I do not draw out the last 2 1/2” until the very last.

If I want a matching pair I use a set of dividers to compare tapers. Keep taper smooth and straight at the end of each heat. 10” up from the nut, I put a 5” double reverse twist for decoration. I draw out the last 2 1/2” to a point and make my hook. Add a washer and nut to inside of pot and tighten. I use a 2” lag bolt, cut the head off and make a matching hook to hang from.


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