by Nigel Tudor

This lubricant works great on chisels, punches, and drifts. I learned the recipe from Uri Hofi and demonstrated making it at Rice’s Landing. 

How to Use:
-Apply with an acid brush (available in the plumbing section of a home improvement store).
-Coat ends of chisels, punches, and working surfaces of drifts. For Hammer eye drifts or any applications where you want to forge the metal on a drift or mandrel, do not apply the lubricant as it will make the drift or mandrel come loose during forging. 


Ingredients: Graphite Powder, Molybdenum Sulfide Powder (MoS2), Liquid Dish Soap, Water 

-Combine equal amounts of Graphite Powder and Molybdenum Sulfide Powder. 
-Add Liquid Dish Soap and stir until there are no lumps. The Graphite and Molybdenum Sulfide are hydrophobic and the dish soap makes the solution hydrophilic allowing you to thin it with water (This is akin to the chemistry in water based paints).
-Add water till the lubricant is desired consistency.

Where to Buy Ingredients:

Molybdenum Sulfide:
MSC Industrial Supply
Dow Corning—Z Moly Powder—10 oz. Squeeze Bottle

Order # 31735608 - $39.28 ea.



Dixon– Powdered Graphite
1Lb. Can

Order# 1285K11  - $6.35 ea.

Alternative lubricants for similar uses:

1. Powdered coal or dust—This has been used for ages and it still is successful and handy!

2. Udder Cream (Bag Balm)—Ointment which can be purchased at a farm supply store such as Agway, comes in a green tin, 1oz-$4.50, 10oz- $7.00 

3. Door-Lock-Eze– Mix with dishwashing liquid, 1 packet to 1 teaspoon

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