by Glenn Horr


On a road trip to Dan Boone’s Pasture Party, John Steel, Bob Rupert and Chris Holt stopped by Glenn Horr’s shop.  As luck would have it, Glenn was working on a project that just may be a summer challenge for you! 

  • Materials: 3” of 1 1/4 “ round stock

  • Draw out 18” to 1/4 to 5/8”, round to a point

  • Taper “leaf” form

  • Flatten and forge into leaf, begin to shape into a botanical form.

  • Perfect leaf form with texture and turn tip. Note the center of the leaf is “dished” so that the candle will sit nicely into leaf form.

  • After leaf is made, start on “stem-candle holder”.  Twist the 18” to add texture.  Even though you have forged it round the twisting will add a nice variety to the stem..

  • Making sure to add detail spiral on the end before you wrap the length of the stem.

  • Heat and wrap the length to 7/8” or 1” round

  • Finally bring the spiral holder over centered leaf.