by Richard Sheppard


If there is one thing that we as blacksmiths have trouble with, it is having enough hands! I recently designed a tool holder to help me out. I got very tired of having to switch tools in the hardy hole of the anvil when I needed more than one tool. Therefore, my tool stand. The stand has a steel base plate of 1” x 18” in diameter. The post is 4” X 4” X 3/16” square tube. The tube is filled with small pieces of scrap metal for weight and topped of with play sand to keep the metal from rattling. The stand is 33” high. The top plate is 2” thick, with a 1” square hardy hole, and a set screw to one side to hold the tools in place.


The stand can be used to hold any tool that fits the top plate I made the stand that it could be portable, (roll on the base), to move around anywhere I need it in the shop. I also use the stand to be a holder when I use long pieces of metal. I guess you could call this contraption a “post anvil”. I know it really helps me. I hope it helps you.




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