by John W. Pollins, III

Most of my tongs are too heavy and pliers are too slippery and short handled. So I put  longer handles on an old pair of rusty pliers. Tongs have a V groove on the bottom and one hold down finger on the top. I modified the top jaw by opposite ball swages (actually hit it hot with a ball pein while holding it over another ball pein in the vice or a small ball hardy) then I sawed off about an inch of small angle iron and welded it to the bottom jaw while holding it in place by the bump Id made in the top jaw. After you hammer out a couple of 4 to 6 extensions for the handles you have to tweak the handles a little at both wide and narrow settings. 

With two settings inherent to pliers theyre great from 1/8 to inch round, square, bar and plate but didnt pick up worth a hoot. So I ground a little V notch across the end of the angle iron and knocked the flux off a welding rod throwaway and welded that along the top of the top jaw. It can pick up a dime.


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